Protect your hose from the elements and potential rips and tears whilst keeping everything organised! Just coil neatly into this durable storage bag and stack on top of electrical lead bag and other hose bags and you have the most space saving storage method!

Mould-resistant design, made with breathable, durable woven shade cloth material
Free draining and moisture resistant
With gusset for greater strengthening
Includes 70mm tightening drawstring
Includes carry handle

Available in 2 different sizes.

SMALL HOSE BAG (suitable for shorter drinking water or sullage hoses.)

Dimensions: 370mm Dia.
Suits 10m drinking water hose OR 5m Sullage hose

LARGE HOSE BAG (suitable for longer drinking water or sullage hoses.)

Dimensions: 500mm Dia.
Will fit 20m drinking water hose OR 10m Sullage hose