ProPower is a revolution in the management and treatment of Marine & RV Waste Water Tanks (both Sewage and Grey Water).

ProPower takes control of organic ODOURS, consuming them rather than masking them! ProPower can prevent costly repairs and stop a smelly toilet! Chemical and Enzyme based products currently used are proven to have limited success! Why? Because Malignant Struvites (crystallisation of decomposing organic gasses) clog pipes and sensors, live on, and in some cases are even assisted by current products on the market.

ProPower will soften the Struvite’s (dissolving them) and by changing the ecology of the system will prevent them from reforming.

ProPower is cost effective and proven to work.

Probiotic cleaners are proficient in maintaining a healthy and highly functional waste management system. ProPower improves the overall health of the waste management system by changing the resident micro flora, and in doing so numerous benefits are achieved.

Beneficial effects of a probiotic waste management solution are;

  • Once a Quorum of good bacteria is reached no more product needs to be added until pump out, irrespective of Time or Temperature!
  • ProPower eliminates foul odours
  • Reduces warranty claims by managing the crystallisation and odours in systems
  • ProPower Liquefies solids, allowing for faster emptying with less strain on pumps
  • ProPower will soften and consume lime and struvite deposits
  • Good for regular and macerator holding tanks
  • Applicable for fresh and salt water systems
  • Reduction in total suspended solids
  • Reduces biodegradable pollutants
  • Charter boat deodorisation applications
  • 100% Natural, no chemicals!
  • Australian Manufactured and Owned